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Tue Mar 12 00:24:40 EST 2002

>>Heh.  That's pretty much what I planned to say.  Is she a big fan of romance
>>novels?  If that's all she reads, no wonder she thinks DWJ's relationships
>>are contrived and last-minute.  :)  Seriously, though, ask her who she
>>thinks DOES do relationships well--get four or five authors from her.  You
>>can tell a LOT about people's reading tastes from the authors they revere.
>>(My short list: DWJ, Terry Pratchett, Steven Brust, Lois McMaster Bujold,
>>Connie Willis, Patricia McKillip.)
>I like all of these, but maybe not in that order. Are we just talking
>fantasy writers? I have to add Garth Nix, but if we expand the genre thing
>I have more to add: Douglas Coupland, David Lodge, and if dead ones are
>allowed, then the list gets really long.
OkayL my short list: 1. Jones, 2. Willis, 3. de Lint, 4. Sagan (!) (more
for the factual stuff than the fic.) 5. Prattchett  Ooooh and Wrede, too.

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