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> >had those feelings.  I don't have the same feeling
> >about Castle in the Air because I'm still reading
> for
> >Howl and Sophie.  Even though Abdullah is very nice
> >and I wish him the best with Flower in the Night.
> This is a really interesting comment. Because here
> DWJ is writing a more 
> obvious, fully romantic storyline, and she can't
> help but send it up a bit.

*grin*  I think it's the case of Howl and Sophie
overshadowing the other characters in my memory.  I
can appreciate Abdullah when I'm reading the story,
but when I think about my favorite bits of Castle in
the Air, they always involve Howl and Sophie. 
Actually, it was an interesting sequel where you
didn't see any familiar characters till near the end
when it turns out they were there the whole time.
> >I don't think DWJ is flawless and I don't like all
> her
> >books.  I found Spell Coats extremely boring,
> No, say it isn't so! Have you tried rereading it?

No.  Maybe I'll try in a year or two.  

It's always interesting rereading a DWJ.  Sometimes
you see more.  Sometimes you have a different
perspective.  I liked Aunt Maria much more on the
rereading because I realized how cool Chris and Mig's
mom was, even though she was subjecting them to this
hell with Aunt Maria.  She had a real sense of humor,
for all that Aunt Maria was trying to turn her into a


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