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Mon Mar 11 23:29:24 EST 2002

I've just read the latest digest with the stuff
about romances -- but I'm not going to talk about
that. Because I need to think about it first.
However it reminded me of something a male friend
said after reading DLoD -- slight spoilers and PG

He felt that there was no way a lad of Blade's
age (13 irrc) would have been able or wanted to
resist Sukie, being as how they are all sex mad
at that age. Um, what do the guys on the list, in
particular, think about this. My friend said he
didn't think dwj could know a lot about teenage
boys....... The fact that she has three sons
didn't impress him, nor my suggestion that Blade
was still a bit young for that kind of thing. 

I've read novels (by Gide and others) which dwell
a lot on, Oh god how am I going to put this, the
uncontrollability of desire at that age, fixation
on masturbation etc. Things which, of course, are
mostly avoided in most YA novels, let alone
Dwj's. It's a bit odd to think about dwj's
teenage male characters in this way. I just tend
to infer they haven't got to that stage yet. And
of course novels only show a slice of the
character's lives in any case (though some
author's have struggled very hard with the whole

So, are Blade and the other dwj lads implausibly


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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