contrived romantic pairings(Was Re: DWJ's Faults

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Mar 11 22:59:04 EST 2002

>I see the romance as being woven so deeply in the book
>while not being the focus of it, that if you took it
>out, it wouldn't be the same book and I wouldn't want
>to read it.  Other books with a high romance factor is
>Howl's Moving Castle.  And Hexwood.  If you'd thrown
>out the romance, I wouldn't have cared as much about
>the characters or what happened to them.  And the
>characters would've acted differently if they hadn't
>had those feelings.  I don't have the same feeling
>about Castle in the Air because I'm still reading for
>Howl and Sophie.  Even though Abdullah is very nice
>and I wish him the best with Flower in the Night.

This is a really interesting comment. Because here DWJ is writing a more 
obvious, fully romantic storyline, and she can't help but send it up a bit.

>I don't think DWJ is flawless and I don't like all her
>books.  I found Spell Coats extremely boring,

No, say it isn't so! Have you tried rereading it?


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