LOTR - totally OT. Spoilers.

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Mon Mar 11 21:54:42 EST 2002

Ania wrote
I hope you won't mind this OT post - it's just 
that I have set myself a
sacred task to look for other women who went to 
see LOTR

spoiler space....

 and thought that the big blue uruk hai who 
killed Boromir and was then
killed by Aragorn was soooo sexy. Myself and 
Elaine, a friend, swooned
collectively over him. All our friends said we 
were sick. Are we sick? Your
opinions, please...

Lmso. I was rather busy looking at Boromir and
Aragorn, but I did make a comment to my friend
Sarah about Maori fullbacks (rugby reference for
you foreigners) and if you like muscles yes, he
was quite sexy. 

I've just seen LOTR for the second time and I'm
trying to work out why I both noticed
and liked Legolas more this time around. Also

Spoiler Space in case anyone doesn't know what


That nice little scene where Boromir and the
hobbits are practising fighting and they end up
pulling him down and swarming all over him,
seemed to me to foreshadow what the hobbits will
be like in battle. In particular Pippin
hamstringing the chief Nazgul in the battle for
Gondor. Which makes it a rather more purposeful
invention, not just a bit of comic relief.   


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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