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On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Venkarel wrote:

> --- Kyla Tornheim <kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu> wrote:
> > *Then*, however, after the initial horrified lack of
> > contact, they
> > connect over their negative reaction to Ted
> > Mallory's approach to writing,
> > and start liking each other as people. And the
> > relationship builds from
> > there.
> Oh, you've hit it exactly.  That's what I felt, but I
> couldn't get it into words.  
I'm glad I was helpful. :^) Also, I do think that it's a highly realistic
way to build a decent relationship. I mean without the initial
expectations and bad reactions, of course. :^)

> I love the zombie-Nick at breakfast scene.
My god, yes. I was reading it on the train this morning and was snickering
out loud. You do know that zombie-Nick is based on Neil Gaiman? (And,
also, one of my friends went to the Magnetic Fields concert at Lincoln
Center, sat in the row behind Neil Gaiman, and had a lovely little
conversation with him at intermission. Yes, she realizes how lucky she

> Maree took Rupert on a book-buying spree, and he buys
> all these books, even though I suspect that he is not
> much of a reader.  It's my feeling that while they
> don't seem to have anything in common on the surface,
> they connect on a deeper level.  
Yes! yesyesyesyes! And it's that connection that really makes Rupert do
this sudden shift from "Maree is the only person I *don't* want to be a
Magid" to "she's the only person who can be," even though he doesn't
realize it until the end. Liking her as a person and knowing that she'd
make a good Magid and loving her and trusting her are all sort of mixed
up, and Rupert doesn't really realize most of what he feels for a while.

I think Rupert's main problem is, as he says, that he holds himself too
much apart. He thinks he needs to be separate, which he sort of does, with
the whole disentangled-fateline thing, but he separates himself too much,
which combines with his impression of prattishness. Prat is a fabulous
word, also.

> > she first met her husband--he was standing in the
> > hall, and she looked at
> > him and thought, "I'm going to marry him. But I
> > don't even know if I like
> > him!"
> Wow.  There's just something so cool about that kind
> of epiphany.  
Yeah. I wish I could have one like it.

> Well, I also agree with everything you said.  You said
> it better  ;) 
Thanks! For once I managed not to kill a conversation!

Evil blood-sucking pigeon! Nasty Nosferatu bird!

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