DWJ's Faults [now has Deep Secret spoilers]

Venkarel venkarel.geo at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 20:13:24 EST 2002

--- Kyla Tornheim <kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu> wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Elizabeth Parks wrote:
> > To build on a discussion--my friend just im'd me
> with the line "DWJ can't
> > write relationships, I've noticed."  AFter I
> stopped sputtering, I
> > demanded to know _what_ she was talking about:
> here are bits I snipped:


> > "Right now I'm reading Deep Secrets, and I'm
> having problems with the
> > Rupert/Maree thing. ;-). . .  He picks her up and
> it's "the most sexual
> > experience" he's
> > ever had?" (right after she gets split)
> > "It seems highly, highly contrived."
> Well, speaking as someone who just finished
> rereading the book, I disagree
> about the contrived nature of it. I think it's much
> more that Rupert has a
> romantic notion about Maree before he meets her, and
> it's utterly
> shattered when he does meet her. Then he doesn't see
> her for six weeks, is
> filled with rage, and while trying to make sure that
> she doesn't show up
> at the con manages to ensure that she does.

> *Then*, however, after the initial horrified lack of
> contact, they
> connect over their negative reaction to Ted
> Mallory's approach to writing,
> and start liking each other as people. And the
> relationship builds from
> there.

Oh, you've hit it exactly.  That's what I felt, but I
couldn't get it into words.  

I love the zombie-Nick at breakfast scene.  And how
Maree took Rupert on a book-buying spree, and he buys
all these books, even though I suspect that he is not
much of a reader.  It's my feeling that while they
don't seem to have anything in common on the surface,
they connect on a deeper level.  


> I do think that the books in which people do get
> together have a sense of
> fate and certainty about the relationship, and that,
> like so many of DWJ's
> themes, come from her own life. In her bio, there's
> something about when
> she first met her husband--he was standing in the
> hall, and she looked at
> him and thought, "I'm going to marry him. But I
> don't even know if I like
> him!"

Wow.  There's just something so cool about that kind
of epiphany.  

> I guess the main thing is that I don't think the
> relationships come out of
> nowhere; I see them as unexpected the first time I
> read the book, but that
> doesn't make it bad, it means that things weren't
> blindingly obvious.
> And also, I agree with basically everything Venkarel
> said. :^)

Well, I also agree with everything you said.  You said
it better  ;) 


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