DWJ's Faults [now has Deep Secret spoilers]

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Mon Mar 11 20:10:51 EST 2002

> > "I've read about eight of the books and every relationship is contrived
> > and
> > thrown together in the last quarter of the book

I think your friend is confused by DWJ's habit of masking and complicating
things by weaving them into a kind of spellveil. Tom is "masked" by Polly's
perceptions of his age, and Polly by Tom's perception of her as a child.
Sophie is masked by her own magic and Howl by his "heartlessness). Mark is
halved for most of ASWM, getting by with half a personality. Maree is masked
by Rupert's erronious expectations and her own habit of uglification, and
Rupert by prattishness and responsibility - and anger. Ann perceives herself
to be a child and Mordion is screwed up by his past - he also looks aged
(compare Green in BM).

Now with all these masks in place, her characters do *not*

>reach page 98%
> and look at the male
> character standing next to them at that point and
> say "Wow.... you're so
> cool... let's get married.

They can't look at the characters before because the masks are in place.
They may get to love the character behind the mask but the sex appeal can't
kick in until they see true faces (and ages, darn it!).  It's possible to
love someone two or three times your age as a potential bed-and-board
partner, but easier if you're at least approximately the same generation!

Does this explain away your friend's objections? Or does she object to the
fact of the veiling? I don't think you can take that out of DWJ books. It's
too much an integral part of them.


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