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Mon Mar 11 18:38:12 EST 2002

At 04:45 PM 3/10/02 -0700, you wrote:
>> >I read all of Fionovar, but it really started to annoy me the way he kept
>> >killing everyone off. I hate authors who make you like central characters
>> >and then just slaughter them indiscriminately. Julian May is a terrible
>> >for this, I read a series of hers, and by the third book, none of the
>> >characters from the first book were still standing.
>>I've been wracking my mind trying to figure out which series this is -
>>indiscriminate killing usually annioys me as well, but I can't associate
>>this with May. But then I haven't read some of her stuff for years - which
>>series were you thinking of?
>I don't remember the names, because I don't have the books - It was about 
>these people who go back to prehistoric times as exiles and it turns out 
>there are elves running the world and using the human exiles as slaves. It 
>was a good idea, but I really got sick of the fact that she kept killing 
>all the original characters.

Actually now I think I remember this...or am I just confabulating? (to use
that wonderful verb from _Passage_) 
I guess I'll add them to my "Read again soon" list!

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