DWJ's Faults

Elizabeth Parks mep3 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Mon Mar 11 16:48:02 EST 2002

To build on a discussion--my friend just im'd me with the line "DWJ can't
write relationships, I've noticed."  AFter I stopped sputtering, I
demanded to know _what_ she was talking about: here are bits I snipped:

"I've read about eight of the books and every relationship is contrived
thrown together in the last quarter of the book."  Example: "Blade and
that Empire chick from Year of the Griffin"
"Right now I'm reading Deep Secrets, and I'm having problems with the
Rupert/Maree thing. ;-). . .  He picks her up and it's "the most sexual
experience" he's
ever had?" (right after she gets split)
"It seems highly, highly contrived."

me: But it's not meant to be the focus of the book.
her: Exactly.  Which makes me wonder why she feels compelled to
throw them into every single one when they're so tangential and bad.

"I dislike how her characters seem to reach page 98% and look at the male
character standing next to them at that point and say "Wow.... you're so
cool... let's get married.  I like the boks in general, it's just... that
aspect of them bothers me."

"It just doesn't seem to be okay with her for opposite sex main characters
not to end up together.... and considering how independent she makes
everyone everywhere else, I find it very troublesome."

Which made me feel sort of like someone had just said that Santa Claus
wasn't real.  Silly but true.  So I've been thinking--about Hexwood
especially--and wondered what you all had to say.

lizzie, off to find some really good arguments to CRUSH her friend (aren't
I nice?)


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