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Mon Mar 11 13:33:54 EST 2002

 I think that Rupert has a confidence problem, too. He never struck me
as a very "secure" person. Of course, he thinks he can handle things,
and he might even project confidence, but somehow I felt there were tiny
hints that deep inside he isn't so confident. I haven't got my copy with
me, but I've got the impression he felt rather stressed by all the
things he has to do. And his frequent "rage attacks"...

Maybe I'm mixing together confidence with stability, but I do think
these two are connected. Or it's just that the confident people I admire
radiate calmness, the way I do with things I know I'm good at. Rupert
does that mainly when he's working with computers. People who are
confident even though they're not competent are as problematic as people
who are the other way round. As I'm writing this I find I agree with
Paul's statement about Rupert's "inverse confidence problem". Also he
(Rupert, of course :-) might hide insecurities be being pushy.

BTW, I found it somewhat metaphorcical that Rupert is - in magic - best
with stasis. He says (at least two times in the book) this and that
(other magic) was never my strong side. Rupert came a across as being
stiff and conventional in some points and this translates in the magic
he does best...


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a
little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

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