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Mon Mar 11 09:05:44 EST 2002

> Huh. Sally made the same comparison with the word "fun" when describing
> how to pronounce Chana. And...I pronounce the "a"s in "Natasha" and
> "Chana" the same way. But for the life of me, I cannot imagine that sound
> in the word "fun."

Um - Na'tar'sha rather than Nat - tash - a.

> time and thinking, "But neither park nor walk ends in 'ork'!"

Well, walk does to an Aussie.  Walk, hawk, pork, cork, talk all rhyme.
Ark, arc, park, shark, lark all rhyme.

walk and shark do not rhyme.

> How do you all pronounce Maree?

I say Ma' REE wath the "Ma" really more of a M'  ac in M'Kenna. A lot of
Aussies say MAR-ree with a big open "ah" sound.

> basically the same way as "Mary," but I like the name "Maree" much
> better.

Mary is Mare - (as in female horse) ee.

Over here Mary does NOT rhym with ferry.

Mary, fairy, wary, hairy all rhyme
merry, ferry, kerry, berry all rhyme

One is AIR the other is ERR

Get it? Got it? Good.

> --Kyla the occasionally judgemental

Sallyo the Sadly Prejudiced, Admitting to it Sorrowfully yet Intending to
Remain So.

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