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Mon Mar 11 07:53:25 EST 2002

I would think that the awesome responsibility of being a Magid would REQUIRE
one to have confidence in oneself, so that one would not be distracted at
the crucial point with self doubt and other negative feelings. I can see
that his manner may be seen as arrogant to the screwed-up of this world, but
that is not his problem; he has more important things to do than worry about
upsetting people's delicate sensibilities. And successful resolution of
magid-business would no doubt make one confident and possibly a little
smug - and deservedly so. He is neither bad nor unfeeling - he really beats
himself up over his failure to save the poor sod who had the misfortune of
finding out his parentage.
So, unlike Paul below, I would not call his confidence a problem. It is an
essential requirement for his job. And being confident is actually VERY
attractive. Far more than being a quivering amoeba. (this is my opinion as a
woman, now. I rather fancy Rupert, in case anyone did not notice)

> On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Ania wrote:
> > Does DWJ - and other authors, too - have it in for people who have
> > NOT had a horrible childhood/ are actually good-looking/are
> > naturally confident? It seems to me that Rupert is seen as a prat
> > because he dares not to be screwed up, isn't preoccupied in an
> > insecure fashion with other people's opinions and dares to be
> > unpleasant to poor broken hearted little Maree.
> But Rupert *is* screwed up, at least as much as any of DWJ's
> characters. Like a lot of DWJ's characters, he has a confidence
> problem, just in the opposite direction to the usual.
> Paul

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