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> > Isn't "Sally" supposed to be a pet form of "Sarah"? "Sarah", in fact, is
> Yes, but it's a 17th C pet-form. It follows the Mary/Mal/Mol/Molly,
> Margaret/Mag/Meg/Peg/Peggy form. These days it's regarded as a separate
> name, anyway. All the Sarahs and Saras I know are called Sarah or Sara,
> while all the Sallys/Sallees were Christened with that form.  It's been a
> leapfrog in a way. When I was little (1950s) Sarah was "an old name". Then
> it popped up again in the '70s and now *Sally* is the old one!

Thanks for that. I've never before understood the connection between "Sally"
and "Sarah".

> Thanks for the other info, too. I'm totally self-taught so most of my
> sources are "pop" stuff and don't go far enough.
> Have you noticed how some of the French names suffer from the Orstralian
> drawl? Elaine becomes EE-lane (with the "lane" sliding towards "line") and
> Marie often becomes MAH-ree (with the "MAH" sliding towards the nose).
> is fine if that's what the name-bearers or their namers intended, but
> otherwise a bit unfortunate. Is it any wonder it took me ages to tumble to
> how Elaine and Helen could *possibly* be related?

I totally agree! I dislike the way many Aussies mangle the pronunciation of
names. Something that annoys me is when names like "Natasha" which as far as
I know, should be pronounced with the "a"s as in "fun", are pronounced in
ways (in this case, with the "a" as in "fat") unlike the original.

Reading what you wrote above, I immediately thought of Maree in DS. To me,
"Maree" feels like a bastardization of "Marie" (I don't know why), even
though it's close to the French pronunciation.

> Sallyo. (BTW, my granny wanted to name me "Bridget". I rather wish it had
> happened. It's a younger name than Sally.)

You mean the name is younger, or it would make you seem younger? :-)


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