Names, Was: Hexwood's Goon

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Mar 11 07:47:19 EST 2002

> guess--but I don't think I've ever met someone called Sally who wasn't
> Sarah to start with.

I guess that's US or Canadian use of the name. I can speak only from Aus

> Besides, Sally, if you were called Bridget your signature would look a
> little funny:  Bridgeto?  Briddyo?  Bridieo?  Bridgieo?  I don't know. . .
> I like Sally :)

Oh, but it would be simply "Bridget".  I'm "Sallyo" because a 17-member list
I joined back in the '90s already had a Sally. Thus we became SallyB and
SallyO.  There were also two Jeans, two Judys, a Jan, a Jane and a Jill and
a Linda/Laura and a Linda/Lisa. Both Lindas were using their real names, but
their pen-names (we're all writers) were added to differentiate. The Judys
go by JudyGG or Jude and Judy. Wouldn't you think 17 women could manage not
to share so many names and initials?  And since the 17 of us could field at
least 35 names (including pen names) between us, things got seriously

Sallyo (also Tegan James)

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