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Mon Mar 11 07:28:03 EST 2002

sally wrote:

> Isn't "Sally" supposed to be a pet form of "Sarah"? "Sarah", in fact, is

Yes, but it's a 17th C pet-form. It follows the Mary/Mal/Mol/Molly,
Margaret/Mag/Meg/Peg/Peggy form. These days it's regarded as a separate
name, anyway. All the Sarahs and Saras I know are called Sarah or Sara,
while all the Sallys/Sallees were Christened with that form.  It's been a
leapfrog in a way. When I was little (1950s) Sarah was "an old name". Then
it popped up again in the '70s and now *Sally* is the old one!

My mom's name is Sarah, and when she was younger she was called Sally.
Now only her family and my dad ever call her that.  I also had a student
at camp a few summers ago called Sally--she was wonderful--young and
extremely athletic--and she gave the name a whole new life for me.  I
don't think it's old!  It just depends on who you know with it, I
guess--but I don't think I've ever met someone called Sally who wasn't
Sarah to start with.

Besides, Sally, if you were called Bridget your signature would look a
little funny:  Bridgeto?  Briddyo?  Bridieo?  Bridgieo?  I don't know. . .
I like Sally :)



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