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Mon Mar 11 07:16:39 EST 2002

> Isn't "Sally" supposed to be a pet form of "Sarah"? "Sarah", in fact, is

Yes, but it's a 17th C pet-form. It follows the Mary/Mal/Mol/Molly,
Margaret/Mag/Meg/Peg/Peggy form. These days it's regarded as a separate
name, anyway. All the Sarahs and Saras I know are called Sarah or Sara,
while all the Sallys/Sallees were Christened with that form.  It's been a
leapfrog in a way. When I was little (1950s) Sarah was "an old name". Then
it popped up again in the '70s and now *Sally* is the old one!

Thanks for the other info, too. I'm totally self-taught so most of my
sources are "pop" stuff and don't go far enough.

Have you noticed how some of the French names suffer from the Orstralian
drawl? Elaine becomes EE-lane (with the "lane" sliding towards "line") and
Marie often becomes MAH-ree (with the "MAH" sliding towards the nose). Which
is fine if that's what the name-bearers or their namers intended, but
otherwise a bit unfortunate. Is it any wonder it took me ages to tumble to
how Elaine and Helen could *possibly* be related?

Sallyo. (BTW, my granny wanted to name me "Bridget". I rather wish it had
happened. It's a younger name than Sally.)

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