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Mon Mar 11 06:32:11 EST 2002

> One thing that annoys me about most name books is that they aren't always
> accurate, as far as I'm concerned. For instance, "Elizabeth" and "Anne"
> just name two examples) *aren't* really Hebrew names. They are English
> *forms* of Hebrew names.

Quite Right. That's why I always quibble about "Sally" as Hebrew - and
James, which seems to be a form of Jacob.

The original names in Hebrew are, respectively,
> "Elisheva" and "Chana". The majority of names cited as "Hebrew" names are
> likewise only forms of the Hebrew from various other languages.

My sister is an Anne Elizabeth, and I was quite startled (in my early teens)
to find that "Ann" and "Anne" are actually the English and French forms
(respectively) of Latin "Anna". I thought "Hannah" was Hebrew - how does
that relate to "Chana"?.

> Ros (who named her daughter "Zoe"

"Life"? Do you pronounce the "e" or not? I've known Zo girls and Zo-ee

because it was apparently used by Greek
> Jews as an equivalent to the Hebrew "Chava", whose English form is "Eve".
> son is "Joshua", which is the
> English form of the Hebrew "Yehoshua". "Joshua" itself is not Hebrew.)

It's the same name as "Jesus", right?

The fun thing about translating names is you can do a free translation and
come up with something that sounds really good.

Sallyo (AKA Princess Noble Valorous Wealth-Spear.)

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