DWJ's faults

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Mon Mar 11 05:58:41 EST 2002

> > So, now I have listed some flaws,

Seriously, DWJ's faults and virtues are often the same things. She
complicates denouements - but that tempts me to return again and again. She
reuses themes - but that tempts me along to see what she'll do with it this
time. She is better educated and more learned than most of her readers - but
that makes me stre-e-t-ch. She is often harsh with parents - and perhaps
that's the one true fault I allow as a *fault*. An author of her brilliance
should be able, I feel, to overcome whatever bug is biting her and turn it
around. But, having said this, I see Fanny, the Sykeses, the "Little Fat
Dad"... and Mig's mum, from Black Maria.

I actually like ASWM, but I see it as a rehearsal for DS - that Conga Line,
however, stands up among the Great Scenes. It's not quite up there with the
Green Slime and the Weedkilling, but it's a worthy contender.

Actually, DWJ doesn't have many stand-alone excerptable scenes, things are
usually too complexly woven. Her books would be murder to abridge... aghhh!
I'd go into a decline thinking of it. Every thread you pull would lead to a
grand unravellment somewhere on an unexpected hem.


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