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> lizzie, who has read _far_ too many baby name books from cover to cover
> (I've read _Beyond Jennifer and Jason_--all three editions--all the way
> through)

I collect them! My current favourites is probably The Name Game that gives
the social connotations of names - unfortunately, some of it doesn;t work in
Aus. I'm waiting for the definitive ANZ baby name book! So far we just have
lists with an essay or so. I want the total social and historical
background. I want. I *want*.

I once worked out the names of women coming to Aus in convict ships over a
few decades in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. The numbers were
Here's the top 10.

Mary was far and away top with 1,444 examples
Then came Elizabeth with 733,
Ann with 699,
Sarah with 436,
Margaret with 341,
Catherine - 329
Jane with 255
Hannah - 137
Bridget - 125
Eleanor - 105

Extend that to the Top 20 and you get -
Anne at 95,
Mary Ann - 82
Martha 79
Ellen - 79
Susannah - 54
Frances 49
Rose - 46
Eliza - 45
Charlotte - 45
Isabella - 42

By degrees you go down until you get the names with only one example. *Love*
some of these, while others we consider common are hardly represented. Some
are almost certainly misprints too.

Abagail, Abby, Anny, Alley, Aliza, Amay, Amy, Anastasia, Angelica,
Annstatia, Anstice, Audrey, Avis

Bassano, Betsey, Bird

Carolin, Cathrine, Ceciley, Cicily, Christina, Christian(a), Christobel,
Chriatian, Clare, Clarissa, Clementine, Constance, Cordelia


Effey, Elaine, Eleanora, Elen, Ellan, Ellinor, Ellis, Eleoner, Emelia,
Epsaby, Eve


Harriett, Harriot, Harriot Arin, Henrietta, Hessy, Honoria


Jannet, Jenefer, Jennett, Jenny, Johanha, Judy, Juliana, Julianna

Katharine, Katherine, Kezzia, Kitty

Lavinia, Lester Nessy, Lionel, Lucinda

Madge, Marcella, Margery, Mary Cath, Marcia, Miah, Mindred

Naomi, Nelly

Penelope, Pheby, Philadelphia,

Raihel, Rosa, Rosannah, Rosie

Sabina, Sapy, Selina, Sophi

Tabitha, Tasmin, Tereas

Venus. Violett, Violetta


Sallyo  - oh, by the way, "Sally" scored 4!

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