Daughters with Greek names

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> Anita, I'm so sorry! I'm slapping my forehead as I write...
>  Apologies to Robyn, too.
>  So all three of us have daughters, eh? With Greek names?...Philippa sounds
>  Greek, but I'm not sure.
>  Ros (in Melbourne)

I've got a Sophia Katherine, both Greek. My other two have Latin first names 
and Hebrew middles (Emily Elizabeth -- no, I didn't know about the girl of 
that name in the Clifford the Big Red Dog books, more's the pity -- and Peter 

Sophia and Emily are twins, names carefully chosen to be the same complexity, 
but not too similar, and when my sister thought of nicknaming them Fifi and 
Mimi, I quashed the idea pronto.

Helen Schinske
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