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> I did a little searching one time and found about six or seven authors who
> were writing JA sequels.  Some of them simply had no idea what the voice 
> was
> supposed to sound like, but the main problem was in not really 
> understanding
> what makes her books interesting.  Though there was one, _Pride &
> Promiscuity: The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen_, that I found a blurb for
> at Amazon.com.  I don't like sex farce, so I'm not planning to read it, but
> the premise that Jane Austen was miffed at her publishers for refusing to
> include the racy scenes she'd actually written was pretty clever.

Melissa might be amused to hear that there is a Punch (of blessed memory) 
cartoon on almost this subject, probably unconnected with the book, unless it 
was perchance its inspiration. It shows JA (viewed from rear so only visible 
as back-of-poke-bonnet, probably a witty reference to her sister Cassandra's 
picture of her, where you can't see her face), sitting in front of 
publisher's desk; publisher (stout, elderly) is sitting behind desk saying 
words to the effect of "We loved the plot, Miss Austen, but all this effing 
and blinding will have to go".

I can't be more precise about the wording or the artist just now, as we're in 
the midst of a massively complex house-move. The cartoon was given to me and 
my husband, David Nokes, a JA biographer, as a wedding-present. If Melissa 
would like to know more when things emerge from their packing-cases, my 
e-address is above.

Marie Denley (Mrs David Nokes)
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