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Ania theania at
Sun Mar 10 10:06:21 EST 2002

Hi everyone,
My modem got fried by lightning some 6 weeks ago, so I'm currently reading
through the 600 or so emails that had accumulated in my inbox. It's unlikely
that I'll be able to comment on everything (you may all be relieved to
hear), but the attractiveness/ personality etc thread made me think of
something I feel I must share. Does DWJ - and other authors, too - have it
in for people who have NOT had a horrible childhood/ are actually
good-looking/are naturally confident? It seems to me that Rupert is seen as
a prat because he dares not to be screwed up, isn't preoccupied in an
insecure fashion with other people's opinions and dares to be unpleasant to
poor broken hearted little Maree. Is it an example of confidence-envy? Are
not-insecure people meant to be somehow inferior because they have not been
through - or have overcome - being insecure? Is there an implication that
they somehow deserve punishment for daring to be happy?
For my money, I'll stick with my idyllic childhood and the confidence it
instilled in me, thanks.
End of rantlet.

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