_The Thief_, with spoilers galore--extra long for your enjoyment

Elizabeth Parks mep3 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Sun Mar 10 07:42:12 EST 2002

If it's any consolation, the Queen of Atolia bothered me a great deal more
than did
Doomsday Book, to the extent that I haven't yet finished tQoA.


when I got to the bad hand part, I started feeling absolutely sick--I was
so positive that the author was going to get him out of it some way--and
when she didn't I felt absolutely betrayed.  I did skim the end to see if
it was going to be okay, but what I found didn't really reassure me.  It
wasn't so much that a hand got chopped off, it was that _his_ hand got
chopped off, when his hands were so much a part of what he did and what he
did was pretty much who he was.  I think my reaction is similar to one a
friend had after she saw the movie "Iris"--maybe it has to do with the
idea of god-given gifts, and these gifts as reasons for being--having
something like that taken away scares me more than death.  I'm sure that
given the choice I'd lose a hand rather than die--but I'm not a thief--and
I think that Gen would too.  BUT it disturbs me on a deeper level than
does death--I guess I'm more used to people dying.  In books.  And I think
it took a courage for Megan Whalen Turner to do that. . . but at the same
time I sort of resent that she did, especially given the style of the last
book, which, despite Pol's death, was fairly light.

. . . and I think maybe that if I'd had any sort of warning--like if I'd
read a spoilerific review--I might have dealt with it better.  But as it
was I was nauseous reading it and had odd dreams for a while (I sound like
a six year old) <sigh>

As for doomsday book, no spoilers, I didn't think it was that bad--Passage
made me cry more--because you sort of knew going into it that there was
some stuff to be expected.  The way this stuff happened was not the way
I'd expected it to, but it still didn't break (eek, first year sociology
flashback) this perceived promise I had from it--that is, it didn't give
me something horrible completely unexpectedly.



On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Gross Family wrote:

> > On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 17:58:38 +1100, Gross Family wrote:
> >
> > >I *hate* reviews and blurbs that think you want to know everything before
> > >you start reading. Sometimes I'm like Becca, though, in wanting
> reassurance
> > >before I read the book that I'm not going to be *too* upset to read the
> > >book! :-)
> Melissa wrote:
> > I want to know in advance if there's going to be something in a book that
> I
> > just cannot get past.  No matter how good the book is, if it's got one of
> my
> > problem areas, that will be the primary thing I remember about the book.
> It
> > feels like a waste of time to me.
> Yep, I'm the same in this way. And Hallie, I haven't yet got around to
> reading _The Doomsday Book_ either, for much the same reasons that you
> haven't! When it comes down to it, I will ofen just feel like reading a book
> that will be pure enjoyment. Of course, I *do* read the ones that I have to
> work at, only I tend to put them off until another time...
> Ros
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