_The Thief_, with spoilers galore--extra long for your enjoyment

Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 10 06:42:13 EST 2002

> On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 17:58:38 +1100, Gross Family wrote:
> >I *hate* reviews and blurbs that think you want to know everything before
> >you start reading. Sometimes I'm like Becca, though, in wanting
> >before I read the book that I'm not going to be *too* upset to read the
> >book! :-)

Melissa wrote:

> I want to know in advance if there's going to be something in a book that
> just cannot get past.  No matter how good the book is, if it's got one of
> problem areas, that will be the primary thing I remember about the book.
> feels like a waste of time to me.

Yep, I'm the same in this way. And Hallie, I haven't yet got around to
reading _The Doomsday Book_ either, for much the same reasons that you
haven't! When it comes down to it, I will ofen just feel like reading a book
that will be pure enjoyment. Of course, I *do* read the ones that I have to
work at, only I tend to put them off until another time...


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