Guy Gavriel Kay

Gross Family argross at
Sun Mar 10 06:28:43 EST 2002

I wrote:

> >Hmm. I've only read about four or five of his books, and the only one I
> >remember having lesbian content is _Memory and Dream_, which I really
> >I found the relationship between the two women (which wasn't really a
> >lesbian relationship--more that one was in love with the other)
> >portrayed and moving. I haven't read many of his short stories--are there
> >lots of lesbian relationships there?

Robyn replied:

> I think that's exactly where I had the problem. I read a book of his short
> stories, and they all had these relationships, and being short stories,
> there wasn't much room for depth of meaning in the portrayal. I really
> the Jack books, but some of them I can't read. I think it has to do with
> how gritty and modern they are.

Hmm. I must read some of the stories and decide for myself...


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