_The Thief_, with spoilers galore--extra long for your enjoyment

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In a message dated 3/9/2002 5:19:56 PM Pacific Standard Time,  Robyn Starkey 
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>  I have to admit I had issues with the identity thing, mainly because I 
>  spent the first couple of chapters sure that Gen was female; but I was 
>  always fairly sure he wasn't the simple gutter thief he was pretending to 
Hurray, somebody else thought Gen was female! There was just something going 
on in the writing that sounded a little too clever, and the first thing I 
thought of was that the hero's gender was being concealed, so I went back and 
checked every step of the way until I found out whether he was really a he, 
and it was a while before one found out, as I recall (not really so very 
long, but long when one was reading at about one-quarter speed, due to 
checking for pronouns in the road).

Helen Schinske
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