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Katarina wrote

While we're on the topic: do you think Howl's
> fell in love with Sophie 
> before she put it back in his body for him to
> it? Because in the last 
> scene he doesn't act like someone who has just
> fallen in love with a woman; 
> he acts as if he's been in love quite some
time. So
> I was thinking maybe his 
> heart fell in love and he justs didn't know it
> because it wasn't attached to 
> his body. And if this is so, would Calcifer
> about the love or would 
> that be of no consequence for him?

It's been a while since I read Howl..... Iirc,
it's Calcifer who lets Sophie come into the
castle, and he lets her cook bacon and eggs when
he wouldn't let Michael and he's concerned and
alerts Howl when her heart goes funny, so
Calcifer certainly seems fond of Sophie when all
Howl does is complain about her. I'm not sure at
all however how to interpret this -- is it
calcifer or Howl's heart in Calcifer? 
and Venkarel wrote 
One thing that keeps shocking me everytime I
reread the book is that Howl is always off
chasing girls.  I just don't think of him as the
Lothario type; I keep thinking that he must be
terribly misunderstood.  Yes, he's flaky and
flashy and vain, but I don't see what
he'd want from the girls. Does this come from
having no heart or is he just making up for lost
time? (Michael commented on how he was quite vain
for a plain man with mud-colored hair.)

I think some of the stuff about girls was down to
Michael blackening Howl's name. Otherwise, yes, I
think it was down to his lack of a heart, and his
vanity. Howl liked to be admired, he enjoyed the
chase, when he would put himself out to be
fascinating, but he couldn't cope with females
once they had fallen for him. 

lots of good stuff by Venkarel snipped


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