_The Thief_, with spoilers galore--extra long for your enjoyment

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Sat Mar 9 01:58:38 EST 2002

> On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 02:25:32 +1100, Gross Family wrote:
> >I've now got _The Queen of Attolia_ and will be reading it next, but a
> >review I read somewhere had a spoiler in it that distressed me...
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Seems funny to have a spoiler alert when I haven't even read the book
> >myself, but the review mentioned that Gen has his hand cut off by the
> >of Attolia, and this made me wonder if I wouldn't like the book. I *hate*
> >when reviewers do this...

Melissa replied:

> Oooh, I really hate that.  Just as much as I hate it when cover blurbs
> away too much of the plot.
> It depends on why you think this event might make you hate the book.  It
> happens in a creepy but not overly graphic way--this *is* YA fiction,
> all--so if you don't like excessive bloodshed, this doesn't qualify.  If
> it's because you don't want to see your favorite character hurt, well,
> that's a problem, but the point is really to show who Eugenides becomes
> he can't rely on traditional thieving skills any more.  Sort of...what
> him a thief is in his head, not in his hands.
> So, I don't know.  I think you should just go read it.  Annoying as that
> spoiler is, it happens very early in the book, so after the first thirty
> pages or so it'll be all fresh and new.

Anita wrote:

<<That was not a good choice by the reviewer. But you will like the book.
(It's far, far less bad than the violence at the beginning of Tigana, and
it's important to the book. But I wish it hadn't happened).>>

And Hallie wrote:

<<That's terrible!  There were a ton of reviews for _The Thief_ posted
and one of them gave the whole story away - I read it after reading
the book or would have been completely disgusted.  But Ros, I am the
wimpiest reader in the world*, and I still LOVED TQoA to pieces.
Becca was horrified at this part and made me read the end to tell her
if she was going to be able to stand it, and she loved it as well. It
comes right near the beginning and I'd strongly advise not cooking
dinner while you read it - maybe you can declare an "everyone get
sambos for themselves for dinner and read night" and you could read
it in one go!  :) >>


Many thanks to all of you for this reassurance and feedback. The spoiler
indeed "spoiled" my feelings of anticipation; my immediate reaction was
distress at the idea of Gen's hand being cut off. But I never really
considered *not* reading it because of it--I loved _The Thief_ and nothing
was really going to prevent my reading its sequel--but reading what you say
here helps me see my misgivings in perspective before I read it.

I can certainly be a real wimp when it comes to violence, especially to a
character I care about, in a book. But as with Guy Gavriel Kay, I will read
through it if I feel it's worth it. (Anita, I agree with you that the
violence in Tigana was *bad*! But it was worth reading, just the same.) With
films, though, I have almost zero tolerance. I've been known to walk out of
the room while watching a video (though not usually out of a cinema) when
there's even too much suspence; even betrayal disturbs me far too much to
enjoy a film when there's a lot of it.

After I finished _The Thief_ but before I bought _The Queen of Attolia_ I
started reading _Crown Duel_, which I'd never read before. I'm now just
reading _Court Duel_, which I'm enjoying enormously, before launching into
_TQ of A_.

I *hate* reviews and blurbs that think you want to know everything before
you start reading. Sometimes I'm like Becca, though, in wanting reassurance
before I read the book that I'm not going to be *too* upset to read the
book! :-)


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