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>Iain wrote,
>On Kay:
>I adore Kay. I will admit to feeling some
>national pride because he's a
>Canuck like me.
>Hi Iain what do you think of De Lint and Dave
>Duncan? (is Duncan Canadian or does he just live

I read a lot of De Lint a few years ago but I'm woefully behind. I liked it. 
I especially liked how important music and making music were in his cosmos.

Duncan I haven't read. Do you have a suggestion for a first book?

>I really loved the Fionavar Tapestry and Lions of
>al-Rassan. I have enjoyed all of his books that
>I've read. I will admit to not reading them very
>I do sometimes find his foreshadowing a little
>heavy handed.
>I find he plays the guess who has just come
>in/attacked someone/died trick a bit too often.
>  But I find the worlds he creates fascinating and
>I love his marriage of social/religious history
>(from our world) with his own take on
>relationships and the spirit world.
>I was starting to wish he would find a new story
>generation trick, but the Sarantium books took
>what he is doing onto a new level, or maybe to a
>deeper level, which makes his persistance

It took me a little while (and 2 starts) to get into the Sarantium books, 
but by the end I was wishing for more.

I then read Lions of al Rassan and reveled in it. What a wonderful, 
wonderful book.



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