DWJ: Howl's Moving Castle question (spoilers)

Robert Baker-Self Robert at bloodandhonour.nildram.co.uk
Fri Mar 8 13:41:06 EST 2002

>One thing that keeps shocking me everytime I reread
>the book is that Howl is always off chasing girls.  I
>just don't think of him as the Lothario type; I keep
>thinking that he must be terribly misunderstood.  Yes,
>he's flaky and flashy and vain, but I don't see what
>he'd want from the girls. Does this come from having
>no heart or is he just making up for lost time? 
>(Michael commented on how he was quite vain for a
>plain man with mud-colored hair.)

Speaking as someone who's been known to do this (I identify with Howl quite
strongly) I'll have a shot at what I think. It's because he's not in love. 

There's a kind of magic about getting to know someone well, and in the tension
that's there when you both know something is going to happen, but it just hasn't
yet. And that can be, occasionally, a substitute for real love. But the trouble
is, when something does happen...the magic goes. 
You don't mistake it when the real magic happens, though...

A thought...given that Calcifer had Howl's heart... did Calcifer fall in love
with Sophie a little, as well? 

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