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Melissa said:

> I keep being disappointed by modern authors' attempts to mimic
> JA. Either they don't have the voice right, or they mention 
> things that Austen never would, or they aren't content with a 
> novel of manners and turn their book into a semi-Gothic 
> adventure (as in the completed version of _Sanditon_). And 
> there are SO many of them! Maybe I'm just jealous because *I* 
> want to be writing one myself.... 

I think Melissa might enjoy Diana Birchall's novellas about Mrs. Elton, available online at http://dianabirchall.com/indefense.html . These are also available in printed and illustrated versions from Diana, from the Jane Austen Society of North America, or from Jane Austen books.

I also enjoy Diana's tiny pastiches of Austen sex life in Jane Austen between the sheets : http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/%7Eawoodley/janes/birchall.html

By the way: Diana says that Austen sequels are Very Hard to Sell to Publishers if you don't happen to be Joan Aiken. :(

Mary Ann

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