DWJ: Howl's Moving Castle question

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 8 12:37:52 EST 2002

>I'm not sure if I am just incredibly obtuse or not, but in the past i had
>always interepreted that to mean she was blaming herself for having
>created the charm in the suit, but on my last re-read it occurred to me
>that she could be admitting her feelings about Howl here too--that she was
>caught by the charms in the suit like many other women had been.

Oh, definitely. :-) That's the way I always read it. At this point, however, 
she seems to think it's the *suit* that does it, and that's why she's 
puzzled that the blue and silver worked, because she never put a spell on 
that one. The rest of us, of course, know that it has nothing to do with the 
suit. She just loves him anyway.

While we're on the topic: do you think Howl's heart fell in love with Sophie 
before she put it back in his body for him to feel it? Because in the last 
scene he doesn't act like someone who has just fallen in love with a woman; 
he acts as if he's been in love quite some time. So I was thinking maybe his 
heart fell in love and he justs didn't know it because it wasn't attached to 
his body. And if this is so, would Calcifer know about the love or would 
that be of no consequence for him?


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