DWJ: Howl's Moving Castle question

catherine wright crachelwright at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 8 12:20:49 EST 2002

 --- lpuszcz at uoft02.utoledo.edu wrote: > > 
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R

> I'm not sure if I am just incredibly obtuse or not,
> but in the past i had
> always interepreted that to mean she was blaming
> herself for having
> created the charm in the suit, but on my last
> re-read it occurred to me
> that she could be admitting her feelings about Howl
> here too--that she was
> caught by the charms in the suit like many other
> women had been.
> Thoughts?

I *definitely* think that that is what she means there
- she is annoyed that she is basically hoist with her
own petard. However, I can't remember what she is
saying about the blue suit in that bit - is it that
the charm on the blue suit worked too, and therefore
she must be a witch? I think at that point in the
story she is pretty much fighting with several
realisations all at once, poor thing!


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