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I treated myself to a re-read of my favorite DWJ a while ago, and there
was one line that Sophie said nearing the end of the book that has had me
thinking about "What Exactly She Meant By That" so I thought I would ask
for others' interpretations.  I'm not sure spoiler space is necessary, but
I'll put it in anyway.








In my edition (brand new Harper Collins paperback 2001), this is on page
280.  Sophie is weed-killing with Percival, muttering to herself, and she
says: "Oh, confound that gray and scarlet suit!" Sophie said.  "I refuse
believe that I was the one that got caught with it." The trouble was that
the blue and silver suit seemed to have worked just the same." 

I'm not sure if I am just incredibly obtuse or not, but in the past i had
always interepreted that to mean she was blaming herself for having
created the charm in the suit, but on my last re-read it occurred to me
that she could be admitting her feelings about Howl here too--that she was
caught by the charms in the suit like many other women had been.

end of spolier

Thanks to Melissa for an interesting analysis of _The Thief_.  It makes me
want to go and re-read the book.  And I think you have brought up an
interesting Off-topic topic:  Desert Island books.  Anyone care to share
their list?  Say we limit it to ten apiece? 


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