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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Mar 8 11:18:13 EST 2002

>  The point is, although there are a ::few::
>lesbian relationships, DeLing is more interested in female-female
>non-romantic relationships.  Point: the crow girls.  de Lint explores their
>close relationship as sisters, a lot.  Point: Jilly.  Another favorite
>character.  de Lint likes to explore the maternal/sisterly relationship she
>has to women she takes in.  He does have one recurring setting of a lesbian
>bar, from which most of the lesbian relationships stem.
>Rebecca, who is currently in the middle of a major de Lint kick!  (all 461
>pages of Moonlight and Vines + 126 pages of Yarrow in the past two weeks --
>plus I've actually been managing good marks on my midterms)
>P.s.  I don't know if this is relevant, but de Lint is hetereosexual and

Thanks for the summary - I STILL don't have my books, so I couldn't check. 
I guess the thing I felt was that sometimes he was on track with the 
relationships, other times they just don't quite ring true for me, and I do 
keep having these moments where I stop and think about the gender of the 
author. It makes me uneasy, and it is one of the reasons I am not a total 
fan. I get the impression that he likes to spy on female-female intimacy, 
and that's part of what he's doing when he writes about women.


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