OT _The Thief_ - SPOILERS... + QofA

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 8 10:53:04 EST 2002

>I admit I do just accept it, but if you go back, he does tell you quite a
>bit of what he's doing. You know he's got two leather thongs for instance,
>and has only used one (the longer) to plait his hair. And when they see the
>Attolian soldiers he writes "The magus and I were nearly knee to knee ahead
>of the others. I dragged the reins of my horse over to one side, and it
>stumbled into the horse beside it. I brushed shoulders with the Magus for
>just a moment..."

I agree with this, I don't think it was that huge a cheat. He also says 
earlier that he has hidden things in his hair.

>spoiler space
>warning... real spoilers ahead
>And then, I ask (myself, as well as you), was Q of A really a great book. I
>know lots of dwjers have said it was even better than Thief, but I didn't
>feel that way at the end, myself. Sure the ending was foreshadowed, even in
>Thief, but, WHY did you think it was so wonderful?

I think I liked the first one better. There were things in Q of A that 
really annoyed me. One of them was the continual harpage on the age of 
Eugenides, how he was a 'boy'. This was very tarsome. He was surely old 
enough to know what he was doing, and old enough to get married. I think we 
got that Attolia was older,  and the hammering of it home was a bit much.

>Also, the theme of the gods being real, and bending their chosen human to
>their needs, what did you think of that?

I thought it was a much bigger cheat than the stone stealing in the first 
book, because there was so little about the gods in the book at all. Just 
the one story - I really liked the myths that were told in the Thief, and Q 
of A really doesn't stand alone without the background mythology of the 
previous book.


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