Guy Gavriel Kay

Anita Graham amgraham at
Fri Mar 8 08:37:34 EST 2002

> -> I agree with you on all counts! I find him deeply moving; nearly
> every book
> of his has affected me very deeply. I think _Tigana_ is wonderful. I love
> the way he writes; if it's ornamental, it also (for me) delves deeply into
> motive and feeling. I agree about the emotional pitch. He manages to get
> right into the bones of his characters. I also agree with your
> sister about
> the violence--I often do find him too violent, but there's too
> much more the
> re for me to avoid him.

I've read and enjoyed Fionavar often, and I remember buying the second (and
possibly the first) books in an airport in Canada in 1987, and then waiting
a long, long time for the third to be available in Australia.

Then I read Tigana. I loved it, and I appreciated the reference to Fionavar
in it, but I could never read it again because of the violence early in the


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