OT _The Thief_ - SPOILERS... + QofA

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Fri Mar 8 08:35:30 EST 2002

> But what about Gen's taking the stone from the mage and hiding it in his
> hair without telling the reader, allowing the reader to believe it's been
> lost?  In omnisecent voice that would be fine, but in a first person that
> strikes me as somehow selling the reader short.

I admit I do just accept it, but if you go back, he does tell you quite a
bit of what he's doing. You know he's got two leather thongs for instance,
and has only used one (the longer) to plait his hair. And when they see the
Attolian soldiers he writes "The magus and I were nearly knee to knee ahead
of the others. I dragged the reins of my horse over to one side, and it
stumbled into the horse beside it. I brushed shoulders with the Magus for
just a moment..."

Also, although its the Thief who draws the magus' attention to the loss of
the gift, he never seems particularly upset about its loss.

But, to continue to Queen of Attolia (have you found it and read it yet,

spoiler space

warning... real spoilers ahead

I can see that Ros is talking about The Thief and using the "rules" of a
whodunnit. Along these thoughts I thought very early into Qof A that I was
in a romance (about chapter 1 or 2 I bet myself about the ending, and I was
right). So given that many list members enjoy some detective stories and
Heyer romances - did you see these two books in the light of mystery and

I think QofA is a good Heyer.

And then, I ask (myself, as well as you), was Q of A really a great book. I
know lots of dwjers have said it was even better than Thief, but I didn't
feel that way at the end, myself. Sure the ending was foreshadowed, even in
Thief, but, WHY did you think it was so wonderful?

Also, the theme of the gods being real, and bending their chosen human to
their needs, what did you think of that?


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