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Fri Mar 8 07:49:24 EST 2002

Ven wrote, of Guy Gavriel Kay:

> I do sometimes find his foreshadowing a little
> heavy handed.
> I find he plays the guess who has just come
> in/attacked someone/died trick a bit too often.
>  But I find the worlds he creates fascinating and
> I love his marriage of social/religious history
> (from our world) with his own take on
> relationships and the spirit world.
> I was starting to wish he would find a new story
> generation trick, but the Sarantium books took
> what he is doing onto a new level, or maybe to a
> deeper level, which makes his persistance
> worthwhile..
> There are some annoying things about GGK, but I
> think they are annoying in part because he is so
> very good, I wouldn't care if a mediocre writer
> did them, I'd probably just not read any more of
> their books. On another list I wrote something
> rather snitty about one of his books and half an
> hour later had to post again to admit how much
> I'd liked it and to list all the things he got right!

I think I agree with you here, Ven. There have been times when Kay has
annoyed me, but as you say, he is so very fine a writer that I usually have
to forgive him. I find his characters are so complex and real--not at all
black and white--and he explores their motives and experiences with such
depth and complexity of feeling and symbol. His writing style is very
idiosyncratic and evidently irritates some people, but I love it, even
though it means that his books are rarely a guilty pleasure; as with
McKillip, you have to work a bit while reading, but it's worth every moment,


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