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Kylie wrote:

> Is there anyone else out there who dislikes the Fionavarr Tapestry books,
> but really likes the rest of Guy Gavriel Kays books?  I started out with
> Fionavarr books and didn't finish the trilogy because I just didn't find
> very interesting.  I did finish it later, and it I wasn't very impressed.
> read A Song for Arbonne and really liked it.  Less impressed with The
> of Al-Rassan, but I liked Tigiana (must reread that soon).  But I
> loved The Sarantine Mosaic.  I loved the characters, the world he created
> and the plot.  It was such a differenct reading experience that it's hard
> believe that they are produced by the same writer.

I've loved just about everything that Kay has written. One of the things I
love about the Fionavar trilogy is the way Kay utilizes the age-old themes
and archteypes of fantasy, mixes them with other elements, and creates
something different. It's not just the old good-versus-evil thing. The books
hit me at a very deep emotional level. I will agree that I found the first
book a bit hard to get into at first.

I just think his work gets better and better; I'm with you on loving The
Sarantine Mosaic  My least favourite is _The Lions of Al-Rassan_ , partly
because it moves further away than any of them from fantasy, and partly
because of the way he withholds information in a tricky way towards the end
(different from _The Thief_ by Turner, BTW, but I didn't like the way he did


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