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Thu Mar 7 21:39:43 EST 2002

> Sallyo wrote:
> >
> > > don't know why.  Despite pointed and constant comments from
> > > > friends, I can't bring myself to want to read Guy Gavriel Kay.
> > > > No idea why.  Just don't wanna.
> > >
> And then Kyla wrote:
> > > I did, once, and didn;t like it. The style was over-ornamented
> > for my taste
> > > and there was too much yuck.
> > That's a major source of disagreement with a) one of my best friends and
> > b) my ex-boyfriend. She adored the Fionavar Tapestry; he thought that
> > Tigana was one of the best books ever. I read the first book of Fionavar
> > and started the second, got sidetracked and never got back to it. I
> > that's a clue that I didn't really want to read it. I also
> > French one. Can't remember the name; I think I got kind of annoyed at
> > characters, and figured that since I'd *tried* to read Kay, and had
> > completed two books, I could legitimately say I didn't like his books.

Elizabeth replied [with the rest snipped]:

> Well, I'm going to have to come out of lurkdom to tell you that Guy
> Kay is one of my favourite writers. I love his books, Especially Tigana,
> which I too think is one of the best books ever - for me.  I always look
> for his new ones and book them from the local bookshop months in advance
> publication. But I don't mind you not sharing my viewpoint - my sister who
> usually likes the same books as me finds them too violent. And I agree the
> style is very ornamented - but I like it. I like the high emotional pitch
> maintains.

I agree with you on all counts! I find him deeply moving; nearly every book
of his has affected me very deeply. I think _Tigana_ is wonderful. I love
the way he writes; if it's ornamental, it also (for me) delves deeply into
motive and feeling. I agree about the emotional pitch. He manages to get
right into the bones of his characters. I also agree with your sister about
the violence--I often do find him too violent, but there's too much more the
re for me to avoid him.


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