Re Book Recomendations was Guy Gavriel Kay

Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Mar 7 20:20:15 EST 2002

Satu wrote
>  But right now I might
> consider G.R.R. Martin further up the list than
Kay. I have nearly lost my
> heart to Song of Ice and Fire -series.
I'm really enjoying these too, lovely , complex,
solid books. I also rate Robin Hobb's books
highly, the related Farseer and Live Ship series.
She's doing something really interesting with
that world, I can't quite see where it's going
but it's a fascinating ride. I think the first of
the next series "Fool's something" will be out it
paperback soon.

I don't think anyone has mentioned Tim Powers
recently so I think I should for the benefit of
our new members. Excellent devious, historical
and contemporary fantasies exploring the "real"
explanations for various odd but genuine events.

> But I like far too many books - I believe many
on this list to have the
> same problem. Last year I had to buy a new
bookself for my and my
> husband's growing book piles, and now they are
full - and we only have one
> wall left with any space for new shelves!
Buying much more books will
> prove to be REALLY expensive, because soon
we'll have to buy a new
> apartment to fit in with the books...

I'm doing some serious house clearing at the
moment and I'm having a real crisis over books. I
happily culled quite a lot of bad books a while
ago, now I have a problem with the ones I liked
once but can't see myself reading again -- to
keep or give away. I don't have a car either
which makes the logistics of giving them away harder.


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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