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Kylie wrote
> Is there anyone else out there who dislikes the
Fionavarr Tapestry books,
> but really likes the rest of Guy Gavriel Kays
books?  I started out with
> the Fionavarr books and didn't finish the
trilogy because I just didn't
> find it very interesting.  I did finish it
later, and it I wasn't very
> impressed.  I read A Song for Arbonne and
really liked it.  Less impressed
> with The Lions of Al-Rassan, but I liked
Tigiana (must reread that soon). 
> But I absolutely loved The Sarantine Mosaic.  I
loved the characters, the
> world he created and the plot.  It was such a
differenct reading
> experience that it's hard to believe that they
are produced by the same
> writer.

I pretty much agree with you here, Kylie. However
the FT was published a long time ago, relative to
the development of fantasy fiction. When I first
read it I remember thinking it was hard work at
times but ultimately worth it. Unfortunately when
I last tried to reread I just couldn't get into
it enough to get to the IMO "good bits".  GGK
worked with Christopher Tolkien on editing the
Simarillion etc. I've seen the opinion that the
FT was written to get Middle Earth out of his

Iain wrote,

On Kay:

I adore Kay. I will admit to feeling some
national pride because he's a
Canuck like me. 

Hi Iain what do you think of De Lint and Dave
Duncan? (is Duncan Canadian or does he just live
I really loved the Fionavar Tapestry and Lions of
al-Rassan. I have enjoyed all of his books that
I've read. I will admit to not reading them very

I do sometimes find his foreshadowing a little
heavy handed.

I find he plays the guess who has just come
in/attacked someone/died trick a bit too often.

 But I find the worlds he creates fascinating and
I love his marriage of social/religious history
(from our world) with his own take on
relationships and the spirit world.

I was starting to wish he would find a new story
generation trick, but the Sarantium books took
what he is doing onto a new level, or maybe to a
deeper level, which makes his persistance

There are some annoying things about GGK, but I
think they are annoying in part because he is so
very good, I wouldn't care if a mediocre writer
did them, I'd probably just not read any more of
their books. On another list I wrote something
rather snitty about one of his books and half an
hour later had to post again to admit how much
I'd liked it and to list all the things he got right!


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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