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Thu Mar 7 19:57:05 EST 2002

> I've been working my way through the archives and I'm wondering if anyone
> has posted (or could post) a list of the abbreviations that folks use to
> talk about DWJ's books on this list.

Hi, Widdy - here's a partial list. We discuss some more than others, and
words like "of" or "and" are sometimes represented in LC or UC. These seem
the most usual...

AG - Archer's Goon
BM - Black Miria (can be AM for Aunt Maria)
CITA or CitA  or Castle - Castle in the Air
CL - Charmed Life
DA - Drowned Ammet
DL or DLOD - Dark Lord of Derkholm
Dogsbody - Dogsbody
EDOL or 8DoL or 8 Days - Eight Days of Luke
4G - (I suppose, though I've never seen this one) The Four Grannies.
Hexwood - Hexwood
HT  - (I suppose, though I;ve never seen this one) Hidden Turnings
HMC - Howl's Moving Castle
OD - (I suppose, though I've never seen this one)  The Ogre Downstairs.
LOCC - Lives of Christopher Chant
MOC or MoC - Magicians of Cuprona
PO3 - (I suppose, though I've never seen this one)  Power of Three
ASWM or SWM - A Sudden Wild Magic
ATOTC or ToTC - A Tale of Time City
TG - Tough Guide to Fantasyland.
YOTG Year of the Griffin
F&H Fire and Hemlock
YOTG Year of the Ghost
HB Homeward Bounders
WatW - (I suppose, though I've never seen this one)  Warlock at the Wheel
WR Wild Robert
WT - Wilkins' Tooth


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