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Um, here's my list, to the best of my ability:
LoCC -- Lives of Christopher Chant
CL - Charmed Life
F&H -- Fire and Hemlock
DS- Deep Secret
DA -- Drowned Ammet
CoD -- Crown of Dalemark
C&C -- Cart and Cwidder
HMC -  Howl's Moving Castle
CitA or CA -- Castle in the Air
YotG -- Year of the Gryphon
DLoD -- Darklord of Derkholm
TGTFL -- Tough guide to FantasyLand
SWM -- a Sudden Wild Magic
AM/BM -- Aunt Maria/Black Maria
A'sG -- Archer's Goon
I don't think I'm forgetting much...we also use some other abbrev.s:
YA -- Young Adult
SF/F -- Sci Fi/ Fantasy
DWJ -- Ms. Jones, herself!
CW -- Connie Willis
TSNotD -- Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog...
Hope this helps!
Welcome aboard!
>I've been working my way through the archives and I'm wondering if anyone
>has posted (or could post) a list of the abbreviations that folks use to
>talk about DWJ's books on this list. I'm not really familiar with all the
>titles yet and this would be really helpful.
>(who just finished "Charmed Life" and just started "The Lives of Christopher
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