Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Mar 7 05:02:58 EST 2002

I came across this last night in Fay Weldon's _Letters to Alice On 
First Reading Jane Austen_ and thought it might be interesting to 

'(Utopia comes from the Greek, Alice, and means a Nowhere Place, not 
a Good Place, as most people think.)  Thomas More's _Utopia_ and 
Samuel Butler's _Erewhon_ ("Nowhere" spelt backwards - well, more or 
less) were perhaps the finest...'

Did everyone else know that?  I certainly didn't!  I am now firmly 
convinced that there IS no end to the layers of meanings we can find 
in F&H and the others.  (Welcome, Widdy, btw.)

The other thing I came across made me laugh, given our recent discussion:

'Your mother reads books on tennis, I know: I doubt she's read a 
novel since an overdose of Georgette Heyer made her marry your 
father.  Books can be dangerous.'

I disagree with a large portion of what she says in the book 
(especially that Charlotte found happiness with Mr Collins!!), but 
it's entertaining so far.


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