Guy Gavriel Kay

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at
Wed Mar 6 16:30:18 EST 2002

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Ian W. Riddell wrote:
Welcome to the group!

> I adore Kay. I will admit to feeling some national pride because he's a
> Canuck like me. I really loved the Fionavar Tapestry and Lions of al-Rassan.
> I have enjoyed all of his books that I've read. I will admit to not reading
> them very critically.

I share your love for those books - and Lord of Emperors, and especially
Tigana, which was the first book by Kay I ever read. But right now I might
consider G.R.R. Martin further up the list than Kay. I have nearly lost my
heart to Song of Ice and Fire -series.

But I like far too many books - I believe many on this list to have the
same problem. Last year I had to buy a new bookself for my and my
husband's growing book piles, and now they are full - and we only have one
wall left with any space for new shelves! Buying much more books will
prove to be REALLY expensive, because soon we'll have to buy a new
apartment to fit in with the books...


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