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On Wed, 6 Mar 2002 12:25:53 +0000, Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk wrote:

>>>>I have a strange relationship with Tanith Lee's books.  Some of them I
>>>>really, really love.  But an awful lot are just not my scene at all.<<
>> Hardly surprising. Taneth Lee has chiefly made her name writing what can
>> only be called horror -- even if it generally IS marketed as fantasy.
>> Deffinitely not everyone's bag.
>Good.  I'm glad someone agrees with me on that point :-)

Oh, I agree too--if you were looking for consensus.  :)  I didn't read any
of her books until college, because all I knew of her was the Science
Fiction Book Club's monthly catalogs; they print (or maybe printed, haven't
been a member for years) a little asterisk next to the titles with lots of
sex or "adult" themes in them.  That was pretty much everything she wrote.
Even now I can't remember who suggested _The Dragon Hoard_, but I know I got
it from the university library.  Same thing with _Black Unicorn_ which I
also like.

>>>>When the Lights Go Out
>>>>Drinking Sapphire Wine<<
>> Sapphire Wine is the second book of a pair. The first of the set is Don't
>> Bite the Sun. Same world, a lot of the same characters. SF book club as an
>> edition which includes both of them in one volume. In print now, I'm pretty
>> sure.
>Sorry, I didn't make that clear.  I meant the combined book - my copy has on the
>cover "Drinking Saphire Wine (including Don't Bite the Sun)"

Funny, the US version of that duo is _Biting the Sun_.

>I've not met either of those.  There are some retold fairy tales in Forests of
>the Night (including, if I'm not confusing two stories, a take on Little Red
>Riding Hood called, istr, Red as Blood) which I do have.  And enjoy.

The "Red as Blood" from the anthology is one of her many Snow White
adaptations.  There's a filk song by the same title which is very good.  The
conceit from the anthology is that each of the stories takes place in a
particular year and thus is set at least nominally within our own world.

>> BTW, I believe that The Dragon Hoard was Lee's first novel.
>It may well have been her first published novel, but I think her first novel was
>Eva Fairdeath.  Published a few years ago with not much revision, if I read the
>author's note aright.  Too close to Horror for my taste, I'm afraid.
>But I really must seek out a copy of Dragon Hoard...

I got mine last year and was surprised to find that, as wonderful as it was,
I had been remembering a different book.  Now I don't know if it even exists
or is merely the product of my fevered brain.  Anyone know where I can find
a good, complete Tanith Lee bibliography online?

Melissa Proffitt
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