Heyer (was Re: Which dwj char are you?)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Wed Mar 6 09:29:53 EST 2002

> From: catherine wright 
> I do so agree that _Cousin Kate_ is bobbins... 

Yes indeed. I like all her Regency ones I've read except that one, though
some more than others, think her modern detective ones are wooden (I suspect
they would have been forgotten long ago if it weren't for the romances) and
dislike the other historicals, like My Lord John and even that one with an
Elizabethan pirate. Her style seems wrong set in other periods, somehow.

> I have different tastes in books to both my parents;
> The only
> genre my parents have in common is detective fiction
> (not noir - Ellis Peters and so on), and I wonder if
> perhaps that is the reason why I have never quite come
> to terms with crime and detective fiction...

I share a lot of tastes with my parents. Pretty much anything they had
around the 
house, I read as a child and liked, and mostly still like; poetry, cookbooks
and psychology of my mother's, linguistics, travel and silly humour of my
father's, detectives and science for both of them. (I'm actually just now
wondering if the reason I don't read much contemporary fiction is that we
hardly had any novels from after 1910 in the house, and I'm just not as
skilled at reading them as some other genres!) They're not into sf/fantasy,
they had Tolkein and Alice in Wonderland but not much else, but they bought
us lots of classic children's fantasy. I think my mother doesn't quite get
how come her children are sf fans, but she certainly doesn't disapprove! How
annoying for you, Rebecca!
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